Hockey Youth - Trial Training

Hockey is a sport that places high demands on the coordination and athleticism of your children. Like in every team sport, the social aspect also plays an important role.

We are therefore proud to offer you a young and committed team of coaches who are trying to teach your children exactly these things. We would therefore be pleased to welcome you, and especially your children, to a trial training.

You and your child can always come to us for a trial training session. Have a look at the current training schedule to find out when the respective team has training for your child's age and come by. From Easter to the autumn holidays, training takes place on our pitch at Kennedyallee 129. After the autumn holidays until the Easter holidays in the following year, hockey is played in the hall, so you will find the respective team in the hall indicated.

For orientation, from field 2020:
Mini-Dinos Ball School: 2017/2016
Dinos Ball School: 2015/2014
Hockey Bambinis: 2015/2014
D-boys / D-girls: 2013/2012
C-boys / C-girls: 2011/2010
B-boys / B-girls: 2009/2008
and so on

Do you have any questions? Then get in touch with  (youth welfare officer; phone: 0160-90720309).

Do you know our ball school for children from 3 to 5 years?

You can find more information about hockey here.

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